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One of the things I had a ton of fun coming up with as I started this here business was client packaging. I really believe a personalized packet is vital to any photography business. I’ve gotten such a great response from clients about them, and it makes me so happy to know that people enjoy them. Today, I’m gonna take you through what comes in each packet I send out. I do things a little differently than some photographers, but even though mine are a bit more spartan, they’re assembled with no less love and care.

  • At the heart of each packet is a personalized note. I love getting to sit down and write these little notes and say one more thank you to the people who’ve been kind enough to invite me into their lives for even a short time. I also love getting to use my adorable little camera and “thank you” stamps each time; it reminds me of when my eldest sister had a rubber stamp business in the early 90s. Oh god, the sheer amount of rubber stamping we did…
  • Each packet comes with a variety of business cards. L-R, clockwise: business cards with my contact info on them (I include multiples so people can pass them on to friends or family), a card stating my referral policy, and a card stating my copyright policy.
  • One of my favourite independent makeup brands includes candy with each of their orders, which I think is just so cute, so I wanted to include some with mine. Because so much of my life has revolved around East Asia, I wanted to include candies from there, but the ones I’d love to include are just too difficult to obtain on a regular basis. I was thinking of giving up on candies, both because of difficulties in obtaining some and because I didn’t want to set off anyone’s allergies, until I realized I’d also spent a good chunk of my life in Montana where they have huckleberry everything, including sugar-free taffy. So when you get a packet from me, you get one piece of sugar-free huckleberry taffy per family member (or rather, per family member who’s big enough to eat taffy).
  • Everything is packaged in little muslin bags.
  • Last is my favourite part: the omamori knot. I was talking with one of my best friends about packaging and her brilliant marketing mind suggested omamori knots as decoration for the bags. Omamori are amulets you’ll see for sale at temples and shrines in Japan — or more commonly, attached to backpacks and purses. I have a few myself and have always loved how the knots look. They’re a bit complicated, but I really think they add that extra bit of flair to each packet.

So that’s it! A little less fancy than others, but I’m also not a very fancy person and like things a little more handmade and personalized overall, anyway. Come book a session with me and get your own little packet in the mail afterwards! ♥

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