Couples Cuddle Sessions at Wild Hearts Farm

Y’all, I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to shoot at the beautiful Wild Hearts Farm. I could try, but I think it would just come out as unintelligible squeals. Studio photography usually isn’t my jam (that’s my years as a travel photographer shining through), but I just fell in love with the setup in their studio right now and just had to book it.

So let’s do it! I’ll be offering 30 minute sessions from 10-3 on January 20th, 2018. They’ll be the same as my regular sessions: $85+tax, and you get 10+ fully edited, high quality images in a private gallery. You can book via either link here. Whatever your gender or orientation, bring your love with you and let’s get all snuggly. Well, I won’t get snuggly with you; that would be weird. You snuggle, I’ll document it.

Check out this beautiful setup. We’ll have this gorgeous little bed for intimate kisses and cuddles, a couch for a more casual look, a lovely lace backdrop (that makes for some super fun shots through it), and a ton of beautiful light to work with. There may or may not be champagne (and water to hydrate afterward. Don’t be drinking and driving).

And to show you what I mean by cuddling, here’s some example shots I took of my husband and I. You don’t have to get as cuddly or kissy as we did, but it won’t hurt. Though I may ask you to leave some room for the holy spirit if you get too comfortable.


Questions about the sessions? Can’t get away to Tacoma but want to do an in-home cuddle session? Want to tell me how cute my husband and I are? Email me at or message me on Facebook or Instagram.

Ready to book? Go here, choose your preferred method of booking and session type (mini), then choose your preferred time from 10-3 on the 20th, and let’s do it!

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