2017.11.25 – Mini Session

One of my greatest joys as a photographer is getting to explore new places. It was my favourite part of being a travel photographer — go to a place I’ve never been before, bring my camera, document what I find. When I get to blend that with family photography? It gives me a kind of joy and energy I can’t put in words.

Which is why I was so, SO excited to do this session with this beautiful family. We were worried about a chance of rain (when isn’t there a chance of rain in the PNW?) but thankfully, it held off until the end. The cloudy day made for the perfect backdrop for this semi-urban exploration session. I spent about an hour beforehand scoping out locations for shots (and taking a short break for a sushi lunch from Maruta, of course) and felt that same rush of excitement I would get when I would go to new cities and places overseas. I hadn’t much explored Georgetown, despite living in Seattle for the past six and a half years, so this was a great opportunity for me to spend time in a new neighbourhood.

But seriously, the real joy? Getting to capture these wonderful, beautiful, authentic moments with these lovely people.

They just sent me the holiday card they made from the session and it’s everything ♥

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