2017.11.11 – Life Session

I’ve been planning this shoot for quite some time. I wanted to do it about two months ago to do while my husband was off work for a week, but… then my cat took a massive turn for the worse and died (it’s OK, really. She was 18 and we kind of saw it coming).

ANYWAY. This shoot didn’t exactly go as planned, either, but what does with little kids? That’s part of the fun and the challenge of photography — it keeps you on your toes and makes you adapt to the situation, and most of the time, everything comes out better than you planned.

I had planned for my husband to get up and wake our little dude up and get him ready… and then our little dude was fussy and up half the night, meaning we were up half the night (well, my husband was up more than I was), so he needed to sleep in and I needed to do the getting ready part.

But you know what? I’m glad it turned out that way. I got more shots of what my usual morning is like, and part of me doing these shoots is so I’ll remember these moments, because I know they’ll blend together and be lost to time before I know it.

But that’s not what you’re here for. Let’s get into it.

He’s a lot like me in that he takes forever to fully wake up in the morning. He’ll usually greet you with a big smile on his face, but you go to talk to him and get him ready and he still looks so sleepy. Like this.

This one and the next one are ones I’ve wanted to do for a while. This one is a view I get a lot when I’m putting him down for naps when he’s crawling and walking and bouncing all around his crib.

The window in his room get such beautiful natural light in the morning, so I cranked my settings down to expose for the background to silhouette him in front of it. I’m so glad this experimental shot came out so well.

He loves that sippy cup. Try to give him a different colour one and… it isn’t always pretty.

He also loves to tell you he’s done with the milk, only to decide he wants it again three seconds later. Toddlerhood is a joy.

It was finally time to wake up that dad, and wake him up he did.

Lots of time for sleepyheads to roll around in bed.

And now, the best part: Montana huckleberries. My husband’s mom brought these over from Montana last year and we’ve had them in the freezer since. I tend to hoard anything huckleberry (except the sour licorice; it’s a miracle if that lasts more than three days in this house), and these are no exception. We’ve been putting off making a pancake breakfast for so long that it was finally time to break into the giant bag and use some for some delicious breakfast times.

God is so real.

And the best part of this whole breakfast? Our little dude wanted exactly zero pancakes. Just did not want to eat them at all.

Oh well. More for us.

Bonus shots of our dog and cat, long-suffering and very reluctant models:

I would love to do a documentary/day in the life shoot like this with your family! Sessions for the rest of the year are booking up quickly! Book here or email me at hello[at]lifeasavoyager[dot]org ♥

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