2017.10.27 – Life Session

Let me start off by telling you about these lovely people. They were the first to take a chance on a newly-minted professional lifestyle photographer, so my expectations for myself in this shoot were extra high. But more than that, these two wonderful ladies are so engaging to talk to, to say nothing of how sweet they are with their little guy; the love just radiates from these photos.

And can I also say they have such great taste in locations? I’d never heard of Seahurst Park but now I want to do all my outdoor sessions here: all the benefits of Lincoln Park with 100% fewer people and way more parking. Plus, the changes of scenery, I think, are even better. A+ choice, ladies. This really is a great little hidden gem.

It was this little guy’s one year shoot, so we had many wardrobe changes and accoutrement for photos.

Can we talk about how gorgeous the lighting was? We got a miraculous break in the rain for one last beautiful day.

Our little model wasn’t as excited to get his photo taken, but I was super excited to take his photo anyway. What a lovely little bridge! Most of our best shots came from here.

The love in all these photos just overwhelms me ♥

Sessions are still booking for fall and winter but my weekends are filling up fast! Get in and book here.

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